When lipstick is the answer!


I’m having one of those days!

You know the sort. We all feel like this at times, especially as single parents who have been faced with hardship or pain and are still trying to find their way through it.

Those days where you don’t want to get up but know you have to with a little person talking to you at 6am. Those days where everything feels at an all time low and you can’t understand where people’s empathy has gone when they say “That was a year ago, get over it”. Those days when you get no sleep the night before because after a good week of living with your little one, a bad night suddenly creeps up on you and you lye awake unintentionally thinking about all the bad things that have happened then get over tired and don’t sleep at all. Those days where the weather is so dull and heavy that is gives you a personality to suit! Those days where life feels out of your control and you can’t see a way forward with current relationships or situations. Those days where you look in the mirror and are confronted with new grey hairs, duller skin and deeper set eye bags, seemingly much more prominent than yesterdays offerings.

We all have these days, I know it’s not just me! But today is my turn.

I took my daughter into nursery today looking and feeling like utter crap. (Its true!) There comes a point where you sort of give up looking after yourself a little bit when you feel so low. (I’m not trekking up the hill in a dressing gown or anything, im washed and dressed at least, but with as little effort as possible, as it takes so much effort to do it.) I have done really well keeping up my yoga the last week but the last few days it has slipped and my mood has slid with it! Sometimes you just don’t have the energy!

I was going to head home and pretend I had no housework or phone calls to make and just lye around drinking tea all day whilst I had the chance. After realising this would only heighten my thinking and negative feelings today, I instead did something that I hardly ever do. I walked into my local town (even though days like this I hate people in general ha) and went shopping. Ok so I do go shopping, but it will be for food or household items. If I buy a new top it will most of the time be a quick pick up from a charity shop or a bargain I have had delivered to the house that I have found on Ebay. I never go and just shop or buy none essentials for me. Today I needed a bit of retail therapy.

Ok, so I still didn’t spend a lot, but I hit the makeup isle in boots and decided my face needed sprucing up. I came away with a new lipstick, a blusher, a highlighter and some eye shadow. Not masses but treats I never otherwise allow myself. I also hit the charity shops for a proper browse child free and came away with a few nice bits from Wallis and Topshop (at charity shop prices of course!). I came home, dyed my hair, sat in the bath for an hour and did nothing. I then applied my new make up, dried my freshly dyed hair and tested my clothes out. What a self-indulgent day eh?!

The housework didn’t get done today. My phone calls still need to be made. I will have to fit in some study for my course tonight instead. Theres a pile of washing on the kitchen floor I have just stepped over to make a cup of tea. Whats happening in my life today is still happening. However, I feel so much better in myself and most importantly am composed again to take my little girl to the park and be present with her in a calmer state of mind than I was this morning. I took a selfish pampering day, something I never do! I put myself before all the jobs that really needed to be done, something I never do. And I have realised that it is ok sometimes to do that! I feel better anyway with my grey covered and a splash of colour on myself.

This morning I was on the verge of tears and after a bit of self therapy I now feel ready for a fun packed afternoon when I pick my daughter up. I couldn’t be so self-indulgent every day of course. But some days its just needed. And lets face it, tomorrow is another day. Things can only get better, as they say! I am so glad I bought that lipstick 😉 ximg14758434965221

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