Thoughts and love to Manchester

It seems a bit funny writing about anything other than the Manchester Terror attacks today, seeing as that is the disturbing news we have all woken up to. I wasn’t going to write anything earlier but changed my mind as the state of the world today makes me so angry. I almost want to apologise to my daughter, my lovely, funny, innocent daughter, for bringing her into a world where fear rules the order of the day.

I don’t know the details, I wasn’t there. What I do know is that people were killed, injured and hurt beyond repair. Families have lost their loved ones, some of them just children. It simply doesn’t bear thinking about. I cannot imagine coming home without my little girl, my heart breaks for those who have lost their children to this madness. Even if we don’t want to think about it, even if it’s too hard a thought to take, you can’t escape it today. Even if you were far away, in another city like me, in another country like others,  that thought that it could have been you has surely crossed your mind, right? We all like going to gigs, concerts, shows, theatres. We all head into busy towns and cities to do a bit of shopping, completely unaware or at least being too busy to be aware of the dangers that could be lurking around the corner. Those poor people had been looking forward to that gig for weeks in advance. Those poor children did not know such nightmares even existed, having been raised lovingly by their parents before they were cruelly slain for no purpose. You just don’t expect these things to happen. And that is when they are sadly most likely to.

The problem is that we do not know where or when these things are going to strike. Living in Birmingham currently, I have to say does not fill me with joy or comfort. Will we be next?! I don’t doubt it. I feel like half of me has already mentally moved away because it feels like we are waiting for it to happen here. I don’t want to live my life in fear or run away from a threat but I don’t see we have much choice these days but to be on high alert all of the time because this is not going to just stop. They always happen again, they are planned to be bigger and badder than the time before. There is no way this was the act of a lone man who had an idea just pop into his head. With the help of the internet, Twitter in particular, there are major networks available at the click of a button, giving groups not even in this country the facility to recruit and train new members within our own country to carry out their work for them. I was saddened to see this ones age was only 22. Just a kid really. Clearly a case of not having much going on and being opened up to being brainwashed into having a cause and a purpose. Isn’t it sad he had to reach out that far and to such extreme levels to feel relevant in this world?

They can’t stop it all, much as I would like to believe so. I don’t like to think too much about it as it’s an impossible task. Where will this world be in 30 years time?! That is the scary truth we are forced to live with now. That we are just not safe anymore and dare I say it probably never will be again. The world has gone mad. We can have hope and the best security they can give us. After that, we are all on our own. People can (apparently) get on a plane through metal detectors these days, with weapons, enabling them to hijack a plane and bring it down. They can walk into a packed out arena gig, alone, without raising suspicion, without having their bags or coats checked, underneath which contains deadly explosives that will rip through the bodies of little girls in the audience, killing whoever is closest.  Some of these things could be prevented with better security I guess. Last nights attack could have been stopped to a point with a simple check at the door. Costly and time-consuming it may be, but surely that has to be a necessity now? In everyday life, however, how do we keep a track on it?  Nobody is going to stop someone simply looking like a student with a rucksack, getting on a bus like he’s on his way to college and then blowing it up, are they?! You can’t stop everyone. And that for me is where the fear lies.

I fully appreciate when people say love will join us, we will stand together and get through this, evil won’t win the war. It is also important that we do those things and show solidarity. It’s lovely and a good incentive to stay strong after such a horrific situation and good people really do shine through in the aftermath of things like this. However,  the point is, evil is, currently at least, winning because no one is stopping them. And how could they stop them?! Attacks happen and we have no control over them. We more than likely are not told the full story most of the time anyway. Media is controlled also. More and more people are being killed each time a new attack happens.

I’m not being on a downer in times of trouble by saying they’re winning. I don’t mean winning in terms only by what they have done and continue to do with the attacks. They are winning by dividing this country, this world. People have fought for years for equality, for diversity. I saw on the news today that someone had burnt down the door of a mosque in Manchester after this attack at the gig. This is exactly what they want. To cause division in our already fractured society, laying the blame on each other, making us, as a whole, a lot weaker, ready to attack again with a disadvantage. We should be standing together and yet we take it out on each other. People say oh its the Muslims as a whole, when there were Muslim firefighters, ambulance staff, police at the scene aiding those in their hour of need. The thing we have to remember is that this was not a religious act neither was it the act of one race. This was the act of bad people hell-bent on destroying decent human life. Of course, it doesn’t help with the likes of Trump calling out what seems to be only Muslims. He has caused divides which may well be irreparable with his head strong attitude and lack of thought and war provoking tactics. But we don’t have to join him in that narrow-mindedness. I’m not getting all political on you now, I don’t know enough about it, I’m just saying I’m sure that hasn’t helped. Although back to the point, Trump has only added to what was already happening. I’m not trying to lay blame anywhere.

The thing that I really don’t understand (as a rational normal none killing human being), is how these people who carry out these attacks believe they are doing it for their religion? I don’t claim to know much about it, but I do know that no proper or authentic religion would encourage or teach people to go and blow up children or chop people’s heads off slowly and painfully with a carving knife for any greater cause. There is no purpose to that. Only to terrorise. Only to cause pain. Only to shock and instil fear in us. These people are pure evil and should not be allowed to cloud their disturbed visions or cover up what they are doing by saying its a religious act. It’s not. They are simply killers, out to cause trouble, looking to hurt people. The world has truly gone mad and I know I am not the only one that feels truly unsettled at the state we are in at the moment.

When this lunatic decided to blow himself up, brainwashed to the eyeballs, he had no thought, no concern, for any of the innocent victims his destruction caught or maimed or killed. His only concern was serving whoever he believed he was. It is not gods will to hurt people. What they are doing does not follow the Muslim religion. What they are doing is wrong.

I think anyone that posts anything other than this subject today is going to be called insensitive or face a backlash of some sort, as they have not dedicated every word today to this attack. I, for the record, am completely dismayed at what has happened, disgusted that humans can do that to other humans, appalled that tiny children have been punished for the sake of politics and so-called religion. I think we all stand together on that front.

But, if people don’t feel the need to respond or publish on this recent attack and want to put up a picture of their new hairstyle or share a meme they have seen and found funny, bloody hell, leave them alone, let them still live and act like normal. It doesn’t always mean they are insensitive or unaware of whats going on, they are simply not letting these bastards win and are living and continuing to be themselves despite the state of this crazy world we are unfortunate enough to live in right now. Give people as break. There is enough bullshit going on without making something out of nothing. Perspective people.

So it’s with great sadness, love and thought towards everyone effected today, that in these awful times, all we can really do is continue to be good, love each other, look after each other, and not let others divide our society. Easier said than done, I know, and it won’t stop the attacks, I’m sure, but its the best we can do whilst facing this kind of crap. Be the best you can be x


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