Hot Chocolate Dipper

December 13th – Hot Chocolate Dippers



So, Christmas is very quickly creeping up on us and its around this point that I start thinking about all the little extras I like to gift to people along with their main gifts. I always think that Christmas is a time to be able to indulge without being concerned about calories and feeling guilty and these little sticks of heaven do exactly that. So many hot chocolates are full of sugar and added fats and things that do not need to be there and loads of people drink those every day. Usually I just make real cocoa with honey and milk if I fancy one but I think on Christmas eve, everyone deserves a bit of pure luxury, and what could be better than melting real good quality chocolate and adding hot milk. So easy and so comforting, these make a fabulous girt for everyone. It is fun to play around with packaging them up too. Pretty ribbon and homemade stickers are great and do not cost very much to make a gift look the part!

These dippers would cost about £3 each to buy in the shops. You can make 12 of them here for around £10 (if you’re including packaging etc). It may seem a lot to start off with but remember, I have used 6 big bars of good quality chocolate and some very affordable lovely packaging which will now make additional fab gifts for 12 people!  (Minus the few me and my girl will probably test! ) So they come in at just over 80p per stick. Which is a bargain compared to shop bought! 

You will need:

600g good quality chocolate. You can make milk, dark, white, whatever you fancy, or layer them up by chilling in sections. (Aldi do a great range. I used their 85% dark and their Madagascan white chocolate.)

12 good quality thick cake cases (The sturdy style ones that stand up on their own. I use the ones that have a shiny coated inside rather than cheaper paper ones as then they wont stick and you dont need to oil them. (Found mine in Flying Tiger for £2 for about 25 I think.)

12 wooden lollipop sticks (Any size you can find, mine were massive but will be good for having enough handle to hold when dipping! (Bought from Flying Tiger £1 for 50 sticks.)

12 cupcake hole baking pan (No baking will happen, but its fab for keeping things tidy, as any excess that falls into the holes can be poured away after.)

A small saucepan

Some hot water for the pan (Enough to just touch base of bowl once sat inside.)

A small glass bowl (That fits in Saucepan)

A wooden spoon



Cheap paper cake cases (To hold sticks in)

Clear self seal craft bags (£1.50 for 45 from the Works)

Pretty ribbon to decorate (Ribbon used was £1 for 3 metres from Flying Tiger.)

Optional homemade stickers for a personal touch

Optional gift tags with instructions for use


To Make:

Put cake cases in cupcake pan, one in each hole.

Break up and melt chosen chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of bubbling water, so you can see it as it melts. The glass bowl should just touch the water. You can microwave it but this way gives a smooth base that will not burn.

Pour melted chocolate into cake cases leaving a small gap at the top to add decorations. (Use a funnel if you have one for neatness or if you’re brave pour straight from the pan, or spoon it in.)

Add marshmallows and sprinkles as you want all over the top to cover whilst the chocolate is still hot.

Wait about 20 minutes at room temperature for the chocolate to ever so slightly start to firm up. This will give a better hold when you put the sticks in.

Make a small hole in the cheap paper cases and push through one end of the wooden stick. Insert the other end into the middle of the chocolate and push the paper case down over the chocolate. This should hold the stick upright giving it nowhere to fall and protect the top of your dippers too.

Pop in the fridge. They will be hard after a couple of hours but best to leave overnight if you can wait that long!

Remove the cases and take off the cheaper paper cases and you are left with a hard chocolate dipper on a stick. You can try one by swirling it in milk for a luxury hot chocolate for yourself or wrap them as gifts with a label telling the recipient what to do. These would also be really lovely if you gifted them with a beautiful mug as a main gift.

I used clear bags and pretty ribbon and happened to come across some gorgeous homemade stickers in my favourite shop ever, Flying Tiger. It is worth looking around as places now have excellent ranges of little crafty bits to use!


This is a great one to get the kids involved with! Enjoy!! 20171212_140104[1]