Hot Yoga

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I am all for new experiences in my life at the moment. Especially ones that have benefits to my health and wellbeing. So last week when my sister suggested I go to her Yoga class with her, I got a little excited.

Now, I have always been one of those people who say they do yoga at home twice per week. In fact, it’s often more than this, but when I say yoga, I usually mean a few stretches in front of the tv before I head to bed, just enough to ease any tension and feel like I have done something!

So I was eager to try this and better yet, it was based within a hot yoga studio, which meant even if I didn’t manage all the moves I would still sweat out and feel I had worked out!

Truth be told, I havent managed to do any regular “proper” exercise since my gorgeous daughter was born three years ago. No, im not lazy. I honestly don’t know how parents find the time for a dedicated exercise routine before their child reaches three. All I want to do when she heads to bed is stop and rest. Not jump around the living room in order to achieve tight abs for pressures sake or to please the worlds ideal of what I should look like.

However, since becoming a single parent, not by choice naturally, and being suddenly blessed with two school time days to myself each week (thanks to her wonderful nursery) there is now no reason not to spend that time on a bit of body repair and mental healing.

I am so glad I did.

The yoga studio based in Birmingham city centre was small but peaceful.

No shoes past the front entrance. Naturally. Silence once you enter the room (I was ever so politely reminded not to talk.) No music. No phones. No noise apart from heavy nose breathing coming from the more experienced attendees!

Having been at home for three years in basic isolation talking only to my baby (Ok, slight exaggeration, but moms, doesn’t it feel that way sometimes?) it was a daunting prospect to enter the room and see lots of very slim, ultra fit yoga toned bodies in various warm up poses (One very agile lady “warming up” in a head stand, as you do.)

Despite my apprehension at the thought of possibly not being able to keep up, turns out I was fine! My first lesson was a 60 minute session and the poses combined with the heat of the room made for a pretty intense, relaxing and enjoyable experience. I have heard people say they get a natural high from exercise and up until now I could never understand it, I have always taken much more pleasure from eating a large piece of cake than running til I die! But I now completely understand, having found a gentle but rewarding exercise that suits my pace, what people rave on about when they say exercise is addictive!

I got a bit carried away and pushed myself to go to three session within 4 days (The second two upping the intensity from 60 minutes to 90 minute sessions.) Apart from a few aches and pains in the following days, I felt wonderful for it. My head was completely clear and calm after each session. My body felt relaxed but revived at the same time. And I was sure my love handles were a little less of a handful after three sessions. I could be a bit premature in imagining that one but I certainly felt better!

The instructors were great and patient with newbies (always good to not be made to feel you are holding the regulars up!) and offered plenty of encouragement to find a balance for your own personal pace rather than worrying what everyone else is doing!

So well worth a go ladies (Or gents!), be prepared to sweat a lot, drink a lot of water and come out feeling a little bit better than you went in!

They offer an introductory 20 day pass offering unlimited yoga classes for £20, meaning you could go everyday if work/family life permitted for only £1 per day.

Well worth the introduction! Give it a whirl 😉