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I love lemons! They are one of the most versatile things in my kitchen. I drink them in tea, pop them in my roast chicken, make dressings etc. However, with a toddler and generally busy on the go life, I tended to waste a few each week not using them quickly enough. I decided enough was enough. I hate food waste, so I picked up my ideas and did something about it!

I had previously picked up a good tip for freezing herbs in oil, so decided to do the same with my lemon juice. There are so many times I have needed a bit of lemon juice in a risotto or for pancakes or something and its so annoying if you cant get your hands on one, say on a Sunday afternoon when the shops are closed.

So I squeezed my lemons and simply froze the juice in individual servings in an ice-cube tray. Then when frozen, I pop them into a freezer bag and you have little flavour pods to use one at a time in a cup for a honey or lemon or popped in at the end of cooking to bring a hit of acidity to a dish. Of course you can simply defrost a few too and use the juice for whatever you like.

I also do the same with garlic, chopping it really finely and freezing it in a little olive oil. So handy not to have to chop it for every recipe from scratch!

This tip has literally transformed the way I cook so thought I would share it with you 😉 x