Christmas Wreaths

December 7th- Bauble Wreath


Today is all about child free fun. You can do this with them of course but its quite fiddly and you’ll probably want to keep this one for yourself. Its so easy and takes less than an hour to do.

You will need:

A wire coat hanger (one that will untwist at the top, not a fixed one)

About 60-70 Baubles

Some ribbon


Pliers if you have them


To Make:

Untwist your coat hanger so its open at the top, bending it into a circle shape.

Thread on the baubles through the holes at top of attachment as in picture below in varied size/colour order until they are bunched up and covering all around.

They have a habit of popping off, so what I found easier was to thread on the top bits first then just pop them back in.

Once wire is covered all round with baubles, bend the wire back together at the top (pliers help with this) then secure with ribbon in a tight knot. Tie into a bow.

Any exposed wire or messy bits can be covered with tinsel, you may not need it, I did! 😉

So easy! Makes a nice change too from the norm! Have a go, its fun!



December 7th- Fresh Wreath

I started making these last year, inspired by my late Nan who taught me the basics only 8 months before passing. I now make them every year as gifts for friends and family who seem to love them. The best part is they are cheap to make and all you really need is a pair of scissors and some imagination. The bases can be bought from Wilko for just over £3 and the greenery is free! My ribbon cost £1 from the works so these can easily be made for less than a fiver. I like to take my daughter up to the park to forage for interesting greenery but you can stick in whatever you can find. I put some fresh rosemary out of my garden in one of the wreaths and it made a quirky touch which the recipient adored. Its so rewarding once its done and on the door!

You will need:

One ready filled oasis base

Tap Water

Squirty bottle or large bowl to soak the base

A big bag of freshly chopped greenery-Put in anything that takes your fancy! There are no rules!

A good pair of scissors to chop what you need

Ribbon of choice

Strong garden twine or string to use as hanger


To Make: 

Unwrap Oasis ring and soak it really well with tap water. You can do this by either leaving it upside down in a bowl of water or squirting into it with a water bottle. I use a bottle just because I get a better feel for how much its taken. It needs to be completely soaked through (not just on top) and you will know its there when the base gets heavy and cant take in anymore water. It will also be darker green than when you started. About 1.5-2 drinking bottles should do it.


Before you put in any greenery, attach your ribbon by tieing around the top centre. Also tie on top of this some strong string or twine in a secure knot leaving a long length as you can use this to hang it on the door. You can put the twine underneath the ribbon but I have noticed this can cut into the wet oasis so I always go on top, as once its built up you wont see it anyway and saves your oasis splitting.

Now you can start adding greenery. Have a big selection ready in a bag next to you and work from that. As I said earlier, dont worry if you cant get a certain type you want, anything you can get your hands on will do. You want to be stripping back the bottom leaves on the plant to allow about an inch plus of stem to stick into the oasis. See it as like a vase of flowers. The oasis is wet so will keep your cuttings fresh. It needs a decent stem in there to soak it up. If you find bits that are too flimsy then dont use them. I find I have quite a bit of waste and always end up with a carrier bag of bits I couldn’t use so its best to start with more than you think you will need.


I usually start by putting larger bits around the edge such as flat leaves or ferns as it creates a nice wide backing to work from. All you are doing is layering the greenery up, so whilst the finished product will look effective and like its been really difficult to make, its actually pretty easy to achieve. I add holly around the centre as it looks good there and you wont spike your hands on it with it being kept in the middle. Just keep layering up and alternating different textures and colours. If you get the odd stray good bit that you dont want to waste like the holly leaves, stick it in still, you wont tell its a single bit once it merges with the rest.

The layering will create the bulk of it then just fill in any gaps with anything interesting (like the rosemary!)

Tie it to the door and its done.

It is worth remembering once every 4 days or so to keep a water bottle close and give it another drink in between the gaps to ensure it stays fresh. It wont need it every day. Each one will be a bit different from the last so its a perfect thing to make for yourself or a loved one!