Selfie Mission

I like to use this space to write about things that matter to me. Sometimes, however, like tonight, I have just been having a giggle to myself and really wanted to share these hilarious pictures with you, as it’s the light-hearted moments that get us through life and allow us to see that although life isn’t perfect it can be really very special at times.

Tonight I posted a series of gorgeous selfie photos onto my Facebook account. My daughter happily pouted and posed for several to get these gorgeous gems….

Looks pretty carefree right?! Well it was, in the end! I thought this bit of honest behind the scenes look at the reality of photographing a toddler might make a few of you fellow parents laugh or at least smile;-) Looking back at them myself I cant help but smile. Because photographing any child is never easy, especially a three-year old. They do not sit still, so most of the time, you will have to take about 100 frames to get 3 decent ones…as I will demonstrate ;-)…..

First attempt: Emi come here, lets take a picture together….fake sarcastic smile follows….WP_20160530_08_23_53_Pro[1]

Mom, catch me on the camera as I jump past!……WP_20160530_08_26_30_Pro[1]WP_20160530_08_28_04_Pro[1]WP_20160530_08_28_41_Pro[1]WP_20160530_08_29_49_Pro[1]Mid air dive onto bed….WP_20160530_08_29_52_Pro[1]

Finally get her standing still after much laughing and messing about….. Moody face for the photo, then ran off in fits of giggles…oh it is all a game when you are three ha….

To get her to stand still and smile, I did something that none of us parents like to admit to…I bribed my kid…nothing major, just with a square of dark chocolate…call me wrong, call me whatever you like, but it worked ;-). She was in a playful mood and was playing me through the whole session ha…So I played her back ;-)…and it worked a treat….I got some gorgeous results after that…if you say you have never done it , I am sure you are not telling the truth! 😉 Its amazing what she pulled out of the bag for a square of chocolate xxxWP_20160530_08_32_05_Pro[1].jpg