Cooking with Children

One of my favourite things to do these days is to cook with my little girl.

I have to admit I had a stage not too long ago where I lost the will completely to want to cook. At all. It was hard work after a long day, if my daughter was tired she wouldn’t eat much anyway and you can’t help but feel sometimes that all your hard work is wasted as a parent. But that little lull is no reason not to try. So I have tried my hardest these last few months to try to regain my love of food and cooking in general and instill a bit of that passion into my daughter by getting her involved more!

Cooking with children, especially under fives, can be a little tedious at times. They don’t always listen, the kitchen looks like a bombs gone off and there will be stains up your walls you can’t even explain in relation to the ingredients used. However, in the grand scheme of things, we always have fun together and I get a real satisfaction out of seeing her proud little face when she happily eats and enjoys what she had helped to make, even more so when she proudly tells people what she cooked later on. That for me, makes it so worth it.

Theres nothing quite like seeing your kids progress in any area, but being able to cook is a life skill we should all be helped along with from a young age and giving children the first important steps to learn about where food comes from will really benefit them in later life. It is something I am extremely passionate about and I love coming up with new recipes that can involve children, even if it’s just in the prep! It certainly keeps mine out of trouble if she’s involved rather than raiding my cupboards or hanging from a leg whilst I attempt to cook!

On this page I will add quick and healthy meals as I create and cook them. There is nothing amazingly out of this world about my recipes, but they are all quick, easy, colourful, low-cost, interactive, healthy, toddler (and family) friendly and really delicious to boot. Hope one of these gives someone a new idea for a quick dinner. Get those little ones involved and having some fun! Enjoy x














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