Toddler Tantrums

Ok, so when we had our daughter, we were told to prepare ourselves for sleepless nights, feeds every few hours and just becoming generally like tired zombies with no social lives and baby brains!

As it turns out, yes we were tired, really tired, but it was easier having two pairs of  hands back then and lets face it, newborn babies sleep, on a good day, for about 18 hours! To think of the luxury naps I used to have with my girl when she took one! I would take that again any day over the unstoppable tantrums thrown by a newly turned three year old toddler!WP_20160410_13_41_27_Pro[1].jpg

Garden tantrum above. Throwing leaves rather than coming inside for lunch.

Never mind the terrible twos, it’s the terrible 1.5-4 years I think! Nobody warns you about that!! I can officially say the terrible twos myth is exactly that. Or at least a downplayed version of what actually happens with young children!

On the whole, my daughter is pretty damn good. She nearly always says her pleases and thank yous (lank yous), she is wonderful and well behaved most of the time when she is with just me and she’s really helpful when I ask her to be. She is so affectionate and caring and I am so proud to call her my daughter, she’s turning into a lovely little girl and I adore her so much that I feel I have lost a limb when she is away from me (which is hardly ever.)These feelings cover about 80% of our life together, which isn’t a bad thing! WP_20160204_15_42_02_Pro[1].jpg

Telling me to go away tantrum above.

However, then there is the other 20% of the time. That small percentage of time where she is what can only be described as the devil. Ok, not the devil, but bloody hard work!

She draws on my walls weekly, or covers them with hand shaped prints made of paint or chocolate.(Yes I wipe her hands, if I can catch her on time.)

She breaks things almost daily (Hide everything you don’t want smashed, and even then prepare for them to still find and break it.)

She tells lies to suit to her nursery, friends, family etc. (I know they all do at this age, lets call it creative imagination.))

She plays beautifully with the children at nursery but the minute another child enters her room or a soft play environment she becomes instantly possessive over everything around her and tries to stop the other children from playing with her, with the toys, or even from looking in her general direction. “You not allowed to look at me!!” Pointing a stern finger as she does so! Highly embarrassing for me as no one would believe she is otherwise and elsewhere angelic!

She refuses to talk to her own other family members or familiar family friends or even her nan some days and instead hides behind me being generally weird. This girl is not shy. Your guess is as good as mine. WP_20150906_10_44_56_Pro[1].jpg

Come down from  a garden tantrum above.

Just lately however, if she does not get her own way, she screams. Do you fellow parents know what I am talking about? High pitched, tongue out, arms flying in the air. It could be over the simplest thing in the world, like not wanting to get on the bus. All hell breaks loose! I can deal with the rest.Shes growing up, she’s frustrated, I get it. But the screams? I am sorry for all you new parents bathing in idyllic newborn bliss thinking your baby will be a good one who doesn’t have tantrums. I was one of you too ;-). Heres a fact of life I have learned. THEY ALL DO!!!!. It doesn’t matter how you raise them,what you do differently from the next parent, it’s a part of the process im afraid. So buckle up as your time will come too 😉

This past 7 days alone I have had complete and utter break downs over the following things:

Choosing the wrong colour lolly pop as her Friday treat (Nearly as bad as when I gave her the wrong coloured juice cup.)

A complete stranger on the bus daring to look at her in passing (Big no no in her book)

Not getting to stroke a dog she saw in the park on the other side of the grass (at least 50 metres away).

None of these things matter. But tell that to a three year old!

These frenzied outbursts are sudden, they are loud, they are full of rage and I am going to say I hate them! They don’t last long, usually about three minutes, although if you are out in public my god do they feel like longer!WP_20151014_10_18_44_Pro[1].jpg

Selfie tantrum above. I will let her have that one 😉

So how do we deal with them? I try to ignore them. For the most part. Although there are days when I end up shouting then feel really guilty afterwards as we both have a bit of space from each other,making up with a kiss and a cuddle. We are all human and unfortunately it is not always possible to be serene and lovely when other factors of life get in the way too.

I would welcome any suggestions, although I fear we just have to ride the storm on this one. Luckily, I hope, shes just in the phase and it will pass, again, im hoping here!

For now, at least, it makes for some funny pictures to show her when she’s older 😉 And she really is pretty lovely, most of the time 😉 xWP_20160330_09_06_04_Pro[1].jpg